Low Temperature O-Rings up to minus 250° C

Our Low Temperature O-Rings up to minus 250° C  are from flat stainless steel strip formed to a precision spring and fully encapsulated in a jacket of FEP or PFA. Low compression set properties allow effective sealing down as low as -250° C in Cryogenic situations.
Approx. 20 different cross sections are available starting with 1.78 mm cord with an min. ID of 10.82 mm and max. ID of 254.00 mm. The Low Temperature O-Ring should have a split housing design that does not require the stretch of the Low Temperature O-Ring. A small stretch can be tolerated but never more than 3-4% of the inside diameter. For pressure greater than 60 bar we recommend that the jacket of the Low Temperature O-Ring is vented. The Jackets are FEP or PFA material and the flat strip spring is 301 stainless steel (AMS 5519N)