PTFE Shaft Seals DLS

CIMAKA PTFE shaft seals DLS, for universal use lip seals are required that can handle pressures up to 30 bar, +300°C temperatures, excellent dry running characteristics, and shaft diameters of up to 300 mm, more than 300 mm diameters on request. 

The DLS shaft lip seals fit into the tightest mounting spaces. By means of material properties we are able to fulfil a wide range of applications. The shaft seal is either clamped axially or screwed in place.

- fitting dimensions as small as possible

- easy to assemble

- replaceable



PRGR, black

PTFE standard, self-lubricating, black, Resistant to chemicals and solvents, heat - resistant, abrasion-proof

PRPI, yellow

For mechanical, thermal and chemical applications, extremely wear - and - tear resistant, continuously - heat - resistant, high creep strength. Not suitable for applications that involve alkaline solutions (bases).

DLS shaft lip seals may be configured in various ways depending on the application, e.g. double seals for abrasive media/fluids, with separation- or cooling chamber on either side etc.

Fitting dimensions for DLS shaft sealings

Shaft diameter

Shaft clearance

Min. clamping space

3 to 30 mm

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

30 to 69 mm

2.5 mm

3.0 mm

70 to 250 mm

3.0 mm

5.0 mm

250 to ...

4.0 mm

10.0 mm








There are also assemblies available in prefabricated casings. The lathed casings are manufactured according to customers' specifications (mounting space, application). After this casing is pressed into the designated mounting space. There is no risk of a faulty fit due to improper mounting. The casing materials are 1.4301, 1.4401 or 1.4571, special materials such as Hastelloy or Titanum are avaiable on request. Just send us your requirements - we would be pleased to assist you with our know how.

PTFE shaft seals