V-Rings an axial sealing ring

The V-Ring an elastomer axial seal for shaft bearings. It seals axially against a conterface. This type of seal has been used widely for several applications and has proven to be reliable and effective against dust, dirt, water, oil splash and other media.

The V-Ring consists of three parts:

a - The seal body, installed to connect with the shaft

b - The hinge, acting as a spring connection between the body and the lip

c - The conical self-adjusting lip which provides the actual dynamic sealing against the counterface

The counterface can be outside the bearing cap, a washer or any suitable metal pressing.


- NBR black, -40 up to +120°C in oil / +90°C in water

- FKM brown, -30 bis +200°C

Standard Seal Types

V-Rings Type VA

Type VA

Is the most common profile. It has a perpendicular rear face. Wide range of sizes, from 3 to 2000 mm shafts.

V-Rings VS

Type VS

Has wide body to ensure higher radial force than VA type. Range of sizes from 5 to 200mm shafts.