PTFE & PTFE Compounds

Virgin PTFE

Has a wide range of applications. Especially where no high mechanical strength is required and where the use of compounds is not allowed.

Because of its purity, inertness, high temperature resistance and electrical isolating properties, PTFE finds most of its applications in chemical-, food-, pharmaceutical- and electro industry.

PTFE virginal Sheets

Pressed sheets in dimensions from 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 800 mm, 1500 x 1500 mm and 2000 x 1000 mm

PTFE skived films

Thickness vom 0,2 to 6 mm

Width from 100 to 2000 mm

PTFE eched film on inquiry

PTFE rods

Extruded from diameter 4 to 200 mm

Pressed from diameter 60 to 500 mm

PTFE tubes

Extruded from 10 to 205 mm, length up to 3000 mm

Pressed from 35 to 390 mm, length up to 300 mm

Most important PTFE Compounds

PTFE + 15% Glass ors PTFE with 25% Glass

Glassfilling slightly increases PTFE's very low coefficient of friction, but considerably increases wear- and pressure resistance. The best results are obtained by using TFM as basic material. Used as constructionmaterial, for bearing pads, ball seals etc.

PTFE + 17% Glass + 3% MoS2

Shows the same pressure resistance as glassfilled PTFE but uses MoS2 as a lubricant.

Molybdenum also increases hardness and decreases wear.

PTFE VFG - VX1 - Maroon

The high concentration of glass fibres, combined with the addition of inert metallic oxides make this compound to be your best choice, where pressure- and wear- resistance are of major importance. Used for seals that require very low cold flow abilities.

PTFE + 22% Carbon + 3% Graphit

Carbon is one of the best fillers for chemical use. It feathures high heat conductibility and high wear- and pressure resistance Recommended for piston rings and other dynamical seals.

PTFE + 25% Carbon Fiber

Same as Carbon/Graphite with improved stiffness, reduced creep and reduced thermal expansion. Used for valve seats, bearings etc. Allowed for steam applications.

PTFE + 15% Graphite

A compound with excellent thermal- and electrical conductivity. For antistatic linings and bearings.

PTFE + Sumicasuper 10% Ekonol

Exceptional filler component to improve the mechanical properties without increasing the porosity. Used for lip seals, back-up rings etc.

PTFE + 60% Bronze

This compound combines a low ceofficient of friction with a high pressure resistance. Both these properties make this a bearing-material by excellence.

PTFE + P84 (Polyimide)

Exceptional filler component to improve PV-Values. Used for lip seals, rotary shaft seals etc.